General terms and conditions of business

Maxicar s.l is a well-established, legal, Spanish registered company. Founded in 2007

Dear Customer,
When it comes to car rental, our long-standing customers know that we offer a smooth and reliable service.

In order for this to work the same way with Maxi-Car Parking, we ask you to adhere to a few rules:
Please book all contracts via this homepage within 24 hours. Use the blue box on the homepage where you can check the price and also book directly. Please only use the calendar provided and please enter the exact time you start at the park and the exact landing time. After making an appointment, you can also book directly with us in the office

Office hours: 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m

Monday - Saturday

(Processing of emails, bookings and telephone information)

Anyone who concludes a contract with Maxicarparking agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of Maxicar S.L. agreed. The General Terms and Conditions can be obtained from Maxicar S.L. may be changed or supplemented at any time and without prior notice.


Only for customers with an annual contract.
Long-term parker
Please only use our homepage to register your arrival and departure

On the homepage in the Long-Term Parking section you will find the button where you can enter your data.

(Only use the specified calendar and time in the booking line)
The data you send to us is automatically saved in a daily calendar.
Please do not repeat the date, flight number, name, time, contract number, customer number, vehicle make, color, registration number or the information that you are landing in Alicante in the text field.
When you leave, we don't need any flight information. (Departure time Alicante or where you are flying to)

In the text field, please only write special messages, number of people or, for example, requests from our service program.
(Hand washing, etc.) see home page services.

It is very important that you announce your arrival and departure at least 3 days in advance.

This is the only way we can reliably process your data for your arrival and departure.

Our program automatically sends a confirmation back to your specified email address.
If you do not receive this, it is not due to our program, but rather because you entered an incorrect email address or the confirmation of receipt in your email program is not activated. Look under Email Compose, Email Read Settings or contact your program provider.

Registration by telephone is possible in absolute exceptions, but we assume no liability for this.
Telephone only in exceptional cases [[tel]]
(SMS will not be answered)


Arrival Alicante! -24 hour availability by appointment-
All we need is when you arrive
4 details to pick you up from the airport and most importantly, your arrival
announce at least 3 days in advance.
1. Your name (contractor)
2. Arrival date
3. Departure airport or flight number
4. Scheduled arrival time in Alicante

This is the only information that is important to us


We do not need any
Customer number. – Contract no. – Car registration number car brand etc.


After landing at Alicante airport
After you have received your suitcases, take the elevator or escalator to the 2nd floor Departures and ideally leave the airport outside at the INFO STAND. If you're standing there, give us a quick call on the phone. No.[[tel]] and let us know that you are ready to be picked up. We will come there, in the middle parking lane on the right, to take you to your vehicle immediately with our shuttle vehicle.
(maximum 5 people). Our vehicles are marked Maxi-Car Parking.
If several customers arrive in Alicante on the same flight, we will, if possible, pick up all parties together at the airport.
This means that a customer with hand luggage may have to wait a few minutes; there is no claim against MAXI-CAR for a single trip.

Your car is there for you, ready to go and s
ready to leave, on site with us.


Departure Alicante!
When you leave we only need
3 details to take you to the airport.
Announce your departure at least 3 days in advance.
1. Name, (contractor)
2. date,
3. exact time when you will be in our parking lot.

Not departure time
In order to avoid unnecessary waiting times for other customers, we ask you to strictly adhere to your specified parking time. (We wait max. 5 minutes)
This is the only way we can provide a smooth service.

The mileage and fuel gauge of your vehicle will be acknowledged in a handover report when you park!
Vehicles that have automatic self-locking must be unlocked when they are returned to us. If the key is in the car and the vehicle locks, we assume no responsibility.

Take a look at the services section to see if we can do something for your vehicle!


Free shuttle bus to or from the airport (maximum 5 people) between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., with an annual contract up to 12 times a year.
Trips between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. €5 per trip.
If the car is picked up again on the day of delivery, this is a special trip. (€5)

For friends, relatives and acquaintances etc. to whom you lend your car, we charge €20 for 2x shuttle services.

There is no entitlement to a specific parking space.
A transfer of user rights to third parties is not permitted.

Maxicar S.L. is generally only obliged to hand over the vehicle to the owner or contract holder, especially in the case of vehicles that do not have a Spanish registration or are rented illegally.

If dogs or cats are traveling with you, please register.
The animals must be in a box when you drive onto our premises.

Please note that only vehicles with a valid MOT, registered in the original vehicle documents and a valid registration can park with us. (see re-registration obligation below in the appendix)

Payment is at the start of the park in cash or by credit card.
All prices quoted are in euros and include the statutory VAT currently 21%
(dated September 1, 2022).

If you park beyond the contract date, a new short-term contract will be concluded.

Parking spaces for mobile homes, caravans, minibuses (8-9 seats), boats, trailers etc. on request.

If the parking end time is longer than 4 hours as the parking start time, 1 day will be charged.

If we need to bridge your battery (jump starter) we will charge €5.

Current contracts will not be reimbursed in the event of early termination.
For short-term contracts, if the vehicle is picked up before the end of the contract, there will be no credit or refund for the remaining parking time.

If your vehicle is left with us for longer than 12 months after the end of the contract without informing us, we are entitled to remove the vehicle!

Repair bills must be paid in cash and in full before leaving the site.
An order must be communicated to us in writing. (Mail)

The premises are private property of Maxi-Car S.L.

The Maxi-Car team would like to thank you in advance!

* Office hours: 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday (processing of emails and telephone information)

* The company premises are guarded and secured 24 hours a day. (alarm & video surveillance)

* With us your car is insured (environmental damage and possibly parking damage)
Excluded are vehicles that have not been properly re-registered after 6 months!
* The mileage and fuel gauge of your vehicle will be acknowledged when you start parking!

* We speak your language!

Registration of a German vehicle in Spain

Obligation to register the vehicle in Spain:
The registration and re-registration of a vehicle is based on the residence principle; i.e. as a rule, the vehicle must be registered and taxed in the country of normal residence. If a vehicle is temporarily used in a country other than the country of residence, there is an exemption from registration tax or the obligation to re-register.

But for temporary use: Contiguous or interrupted period of maximum 6 months within 12 months in Spain.

This means: If you are not registered in Spain, but the car is in Spain for a longer period of time (6 months), your vehicle must be re-registered with Spanish license plates.

Many foreign owners ignore this regulation, but the Spanish authorities can also confiscate such vehicles. In order to avoid possible complications regarding expired MOT and insurance coverage, we recommend that you re-register in accordance with the rules.

We will be happy to help you with the re-registration!

MOT in Spain for foreign vehicles

In order to externally identify a German vehicle registration, a corresponding stamp is affixed to the license plate and an entry in the vehicle registration document must be present.
If this is not available and a driver still uses the car, this is considered driving without a license.
Only vehicles that have a valid MOT may be used on the road. (also in Spain)

Technical inspection by the Spanish MOT (“Inspección Técnica de Vehículos” - “ITV” for short)

There is no mutual recognition with the Spanish MOT for the MOT and ASU tests.

It also does not replace the entry in the vehicle registration document; and the MOT sticker.

The entry in the vehicle documents represents a sovereign act that can only be carried out by certain German testing organizations or experts in Germany.

Furthermore, the protocol only certifies that an inspection has been carried out in accordance with the inspection criteria applicable in Spain.

The test report does not have the legal quality of the test sticker issued in Germany by TÜV or DEKRA or British MOT.

In principle, technical vehicle monitoring is regulated nationally.
This means that a vehicle is checked by the local testing centers in the country in which it is registered. Anything else is illegal and you are committing a criminal offense.

We would also like to point out our contractual obligation (Terms and Conditions) that only vehicles with a valid MOT, registered in the original vehicle documents and a valid registration can park with us.

In addition, the inspection report from the Spanish ITV shows the police during a traffic stop that there is a suspicion that the vehicle has not been properly re-registered and has been in Spain for a long time.
Since the Guardia Civil is responsible for traffic controls and is responsible for customs controls and special taxes, they have access to the tax office, where our parking contracts are registered.


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