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Car Care Pricelist

Hand washing PKW € 6,50 - Van/4x4 € 8,50 - Minibus € 11,50
Washing and polishing PKW € 59,50 - Van/4x4 € 64,50 - Minibus € 69,50
Interior cleaning PKW € 19,50 - Van/4x4 € 22,50 - Minibus € 29,50
Upholstery-& Interior-cleaning Price on request
Leather-& Interior-cleaning Price on request
Headlights polishing Price on request

We wash your car with osmosis water

(Osmosis water is water in its purest form, i.e. water that has been freed from all other substances)



ITV (spanischer MOT) € 155,00 Petrol / € 175,00 Diesel 

An order must be communicated to us in writing. (Mail)

Inspections, repairs of all kinds

Repair bills must be paid in cash and in full before leaving the site.
We charge a flat rate of €20.00 for bringing your vehicle to and from the workshop.

Re-registration Spanish license plates

We will take care of re-registering your car with a foreign license plate. For information and prices please write to us.

Sale of:

Garage carport

Your car is completely protected from sun and rain!
If we need to bridge your battery (jump starter), we will charge €5.00

Office time

Monday-Saturday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m
(Telephone bookings, processing of emails and telephone information)

You are welcome to express your wishes the next time you drop off your car.
We look forward to your order.
Until further notice,
Your Maxicar-Team


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